Q. What are transportable homes / relocated houses?

What it’s not.

For one thing, a transportable home / relocated house is not a mobile home or caravan.

Not a mobile home or caravan Golden Age Homes

What it is.

It is a quality home (usually removed from the Melbourne Metropolitan area) which is transported to a new site.

Relocated Home by Golden Age Homes

Huge Savings

The house is given brand new foundations with a new Colorbond roof in the colour of your choice.

So you can have the home you want, on the land you want, without incurring the huge costs and hassles that are associated with building a new home.

  • Potential Savings – $ 50%
  • Potential Savings – Time 50%


Q. How far do we transport our homes?
Q. What about brick veneer homes?
Q. What if the house is original with “lathe and plaster”?
Q. Is my block too difficult?
Q. What about finance?

Q. What about fire prone areas?
Q. Do you offer Guarantees?
Q. What about planning and building permits?
Q. Are there any additional costs?

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