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Houses for Removal

Looking to relocate a house onto your property? Golden Age Homes is your premier choice, with over 30 years of experience specializing in house relocation services. Unlike other relocators, we offer comprehensive in-house solutions, including design, permits, and construction. Our team is fully licensed  (Domestic Builder Unlimited), ensuring top-notch quality and compliance. Plus, all our work is backed by Domestic Building Insurance for added peace of mind.

Choosing a relocatable home with Golden Age Homes means enjoying cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. Our streamlined process reduces build times significantly compared to new construction while also promoting environmental sustainability through recycling.

Servicing Victoria, Southern New South Wales, and parts of South Australia, Golden Age Homes is your go-to partner for relocatable homes. Worried about costs, warranties, or suitability for your land? Book a free appointment with us today to explore our extensive services and experience the difference!

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