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Golden Age Homes Pty Ltd has been the leader in relocating homes for over 30 years.

Throughout this time we have been providing Australians with their dream homes at competitive prices.

Relocating houses is a highly specialised industry.

Below is a list of common questions asked by home buyers.

Q. What are transportable homes / relocated houses?

What it’s not. For one thing, a transportable home / relocated house is not a mobile home or caravan.


Q. How far do we transport our homes?

A. Our transportable homes are usually moved within Victoria and southern NSW. There is cost factor the further away the relocation is.


Q. What about brick veneer homes?

A. The brick veneer is demolished.  When you purchase the “lock up” package, weatherboards (hardiplank or a cladding profile to your liking) is installed at the relocation site, including insulation and breather foil to the walls.

Increasingly, our clients are opting for a combination of cladding finishes, such as custom orb (corrugated iron) vertical or horizontal and other attractive finishes including blue board or foam and render.


Q. What if the house is original with “lathe and plaster”?

A. If a period home has the original “lathe and plaster”, the plaster is removed, ready for new plaster/gyprock at the relocation site.


Q. Is my block too difficult?

A. We will always do a site inspection to confirm that we can relocate the home to your land.

At times it can be more cost effective to do a site cut (excavation) than opting for stumps higher than 500 mm.

Q. What about finance?

A. Usually, “line of credit” or “draw down” facilities for finance work best for relocatable projects.  Relying on equity in the relocatable home for a construction loan may be a problem for some banks as they generally loan against the completed home, and not during the relocation process.

Be sure to inform your lender that we are licensed builders providing a fixed price building contract for a relocatable home, which includes a six and a half year builder’s warranty.

Q. What about fire prone areas?

A. We can assist with a fire attack rating.  In some areas timber weatherboards will not comply.

Q. What about Guarantees?

A. Golden Age Homes provides a 6.5 year builder’s warranty on the relocation contract.

Q. What about planning and building permits?

A. Our office staff are expert at arranging all the necessary permits and paperwork. We provide this service as well as plan drawing, all included in our pricing.  You will need to pay the permit fees separately which are typically around $3000. 

For houses being relocated within Victoria:

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) require a  $10,000 bond which is refundable when a certificate of occupancy is issued.

Other States:

Shires/Municipalities have different requirements regarding bonds. Some areas require a bond whereas others do not.

Q. Are there additional costs?

A. You will need to have a licensed electrician and plumber to connect you to services and return the home’s plumbing and electrical to the relevant standard.  A plasterer will be needed to repair and prepare the home for painting. While new colorbond roof and carpentry work come with the “lock up package”, they are not included in the “basic package.”

It is not unusual for our clients to spend a further 20 – 30K if septic and water tanks are required.